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Golivings is a professional online shopping site for pet accessories, providing professional products for pets. At Golivings, we love nature, love life, love pets, and we believe pets can make us better people.

We hope that customers can get closer to their pets through Golivings products  every day, so as to make life more fulfilling and beautiful. This vision affects everything we do for our clients.

We offer a wide range of pet accessories at affordable prices: breeding boxes, aquarium decoration sets, bionic reptile shelters, bionic breeding box decorations, etc. - committed to creating a comfortable, natural, ornamental reptile and aquarium pets habitat.

As a new online shopping site, we bring you the latest products every day, so that every day is fresh, just like when you wake up in the morning, everything is new.


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Our contact information is posted below:

Company Name: Shenzhen Meiwo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Email: support@golivings.com

Phone Number: +86 18565725533

Business Address: Room 905-19, Building 2 Merlin Center Plaza (North District), No. 128, Zhongkang Road, Meidu Community, Meilin Street, Futian District Shenzhen, 518000 Guangdong, China